Thursday, September 11, 2014

AWS EC2 Commandd Lines

1) **** Script to get a list of hosts from AWS for a Particular Region

source /Users/name/ec2/bashrc_prod_east
ec2-describe-instances |grep Name |grep -v aws:autoscaling:groupName |awk '{print $5}'

$count='wc -l';
echo "Total $count hosts found on Prod East"

2)  Launch an Instance :
bash$ ec2-run-instances  ami-76817c1e -k  sunfod-dev-us-east-1-general --instance-type t2.small  -s subnet-058d0a6b

RESERVATION    r-f39fd8    1500819717
INSTANCE    i-12d47f9    ami-7817c1e        ip-10-224-12-98.ec2.internal    pending    sunfod-dev-us-east-1-general    0        t2.small    2014-09-11T03:39:36+0000    us-east-1c                monitoring-disabled    vpc-9d1f9bf3    subnet-058d0a6b    ebs                    hvm    xen        sg-34da035b    default    false
NIC    eni-3ac6764c    subnet-058d0a6b    vpc-9d1f9bf3    150081971781    in-use    ip-10-224-12-18.ec2.internal    true
NICATTACHMENT    eni-attach-34284b57    0    attaching    2014-09-10T23:39:36-0400    true
GROUP    sg-34da035b    default
PRIVATEIPADDRESS    ip-10-224-12-18.ec2.internal

3) Set up hostnames using ec2-create-tags:

bash$ ec2-create-tags ami-76817c1e i-12d47af9  --tag "Name=YourHostname"

4) Add Security Groups from AWS console or need to check command line options for that.