Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HP Unix 11i commands

HP-Unix Command Line:

1) swinstall - installs software selections from a software source to either
the local host or to one or more target selections.

2) swremove - unconfigure and remove software products that has had software
loaded with software distributor.

3) swlist - display information about software products
The swlist command has a Graphical User Interface invoked by the swlist -i option.

4) swconfig - configure, unconfigure, or reconfigure installed software.

5) swverify - verify software products.

6) swpackage -- Package a software distribution.

7) swacl - view or modify the Access Control Lists (ACLs) which protect
software products.

8) swjob - display and monitor job information and create and remove jobs.

The graphical user interface version of this command can be invoked with sd
or swjob -i

9) swcopy - The swcopy command copies software between depots.
Software that is copied into a depot cannot be used directly;
it is placed there only to act as a source for installation and other SD-UX operations.

10) swreg - Register/unregister depots and roots.

11) Updating Kernel in HP-UX 11i :

#cd /stand/build
#/usr/lbin/sysadm/system_prep -s system

This extracts the kernel file from currently running system.

#mk_kernel -s system

Makes new kernel in /stand/build directory called vmunix_test.
DLKM files are produced as /dlkm.vmunix.prev

At this point, the new kernel exists in the /stand/build directory.

It is recommended that you rename the existing kernel

#mv /stand/system /stand/system.prev

Now update the new kernel with :
#kmupdate /stand/build/vmunix_test

Kmupdate will automatically create backup copies of
/stand/vmunix and /stand/dlkm

as vmunix.prev and dlkm.prev under /stand

You can shutdown and boot from new kernel.
cd /; shutdown -r 0

Shuts the system so it comes with new kernel.

12) sam - starts the menu driven system Administration Manager.

*) /stand : This contains kernel configuration and binary file that are required to
bring up a system. The important files in this dir is system, cmunix and dlkm files.

*) Default File System used in HP-UX 11i is Journal File System(JFS).

For more info visit : http://docs.hp.com
also visit www.sunguru.com for daily updates

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Shell Script - Restart Process if not found running

A script to Check if process is running and if not running
then start the process.

You can run this as a cron job in a 5/10 mins interval :

cat chk_if_process_running.sh
# check daemon
ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep daemon
# if not found - equals to 1, start it
if [ $? -eq 1 ]
/sbin/init.d/daemon start
echo "eq 0 - daemon found - do nothing"