Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Snap of PhpGroupware INBOX

On the previous posts I have explained How to Install and Configure PhpGroupware.

PhpGroupware - Setting up Email Account

In the previous post I have written on how-to implement the Phpgroupware.

Here I will discuss on Setting up Email Accounts for Users.

What we will do is Fetch Users Mail From External domain.
I have created two users on



Note : Bluebottle offers Pop/Imap and Smtp Access

Pop/Imap -

Smtp -

First login to Setup/Config Admin Login Under Step 2 -


Click here to setup an admin account and (optionally) 3 demo accounts.

Create Accounts (This will be your Virtual Login Names)

Details of Admin Account
Admin username - rakesh
Admin first name - Rakesh
Admin last name - Sreedhar
Admin password
Re-enter password

Now login to

Click Preferences - Change your Settings

Interface Template Selection - Idots

Theme (color/fonts) selection - Idots

Click Save

Now Again Click Preference > Email Preference

In the last Menu

First 6 options are Important

Custom Email Preference

Use custom settings
Email Account Name
E-Mail password (hidden)
E-Mail address
Mail Server
Mail Server type
IMAP Server Type - If Applicable
U-Wash Mail Folder - If Applicable
" value="">

Click Submit

Now on the top Left Click Admin > 2nd Option Email > Site Configuration

Here you can POP/IMAP and SMTP Details
Note : Smtp Auth option is not available here

Site configuration

Mail settings
Enter your POP/IMAP mail server hostname or IP address:
Select your mail server type:
IMAP Server Type:
Enter your default mail domain ( From: user@domain ):
Mail server login type:
Enter your SMTP server hostname or IP address:
Enter your SMTP server port:

Some additional PhpGroupware Information - FAQ

How To set up smtp-auth ? Note : you don't have a web based for this

Solution: phpGroupware as basic support for SMTP Auth in that you can set a single username and password so the whole phpGroupWare install to use when sending email.

  1. Edit /var/www/html/phpgroupware/email/inc/
  2. Search for "$smtp_auth_login_required". Should be around line 209.
  3. Change False to True and set the username and password in the $mylogin and $mypassword variables respectivly.
  4. Save the file and send an email. The changes will take effect immediatly for all phpGroupWare users.

How to use a different port for imap instead of default 143 ?

open file > /var/www/html/email/inc/

$mail_port = 143

Change it to whatever your non standard port is

$mail_port = 8143

When is it scheduled to check mails ?

Default is 4 minutes .. I am told this will come in user preference until then

Step 1.

In email/inc/ delete the ,240000 in the $this->xi['auto_refresh_widget'] line (line 368). That number forces the default to be 4 minutes (240000 milliseconds)

Step 2.

In email/inc/ find:

function auto_refresh($reload_me=, $feed_refresh_ms=)


and add

$GLOBALS['phpgw']->msg->set_pref_value('refresh_ms', 10*60*1000 );

// change the number to your desired refresh time in milliseconds (example is 10 minutes)

// use 0 (zero) to disable the refresh

You're done.

By the way, if you want to manually refresh the INBOX contents, you can just click on the email icon in the navbar.