Saturday, September 21, 2002

Accessing Windows Share from Linux

Answer to this is smbclient or smbmount ... but we will study smbclient

The smbclient is an ftp-like command line program that allows you to list, get, put, and do other stuff similar to what you can do with an ftp client. There are many options to smbclient; see man smbclient for a complete listing.

This syntax will connect to a Windows share:

smbclient -U valid_windows_user //server/share

A handy way to list the shares available on a Windows host is:

smbclient -U valid_windows_user -L server

Connecting to a Windows share with smbclient gives the following prompt:


at which you can do ftp-like stuff.

When you enter


in the konqueror address bar, you are running smbclient in the background.