Sunday, June 03, 2001

Converting First Name, Middle Name and Last Name to Email ID's

I had a List in Which First, Middle and Last Names were mentioned, Our email ID's are Created based on Firstname.lastname pattern

So I needed to Convert this First, Middle and last name in to Email id format.

Arranging First Name, Middle Name Last Name to email ID.

Converting a Upper case Letter case to Lower case in Vi Editor

Open the file name in vi and give this command to convert all uppercase to
lower case :



Replacing Double Space with Single Space


Now use Awk Variables to list only first and last names in the files

awk '{print $1,$NF }' filename > outputfile.txt

Replacing space with dot


Adding to Last line

cat file.txt | awk '{ print $0"" }' > newfile.txt

thats it !!!