Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Connecting to a remote linux system which does not have a Static IP

My Scenario

I have a System at home with a Linux Running on it.
I do not have a Public IP assigned by my Internet Service Provider.

The home IP is 10.10.X.X

But my Work Place has a Public IP on their Linux Systems
202.X.X.X to which I have Access.

Now I want to access my Home Linux System from Work.

This is Possible using Reverse SSH.

Step 1
I do the following at home :

#ssh -R 2048:localhost:22 202.x.x.x

It will prompt you for password of the Work System which
has a Public IP(202.x.x.x), give the password and login

Once you have looged in to Work(202.x.x.x),Follow Step 2:

Step 2
Work System (202.X.X.X) I give,

#ssh -p 2048 localhost

This will connect to my home system from work.

Now I need to give the password for my home system.

By using a reverse tunnel, I maintain all of the control on the
home system from my work place.