Sunday, December 11, 2005

Posting-Reading Blogs in Linux the easy Way :)

Instead of going to all the different news sites and weblogs that you like to read daily (weekly or just occassionally) and hunting around to see what is new (if anything), BottomFeeder delivers the headlines and summaries to you in an easy to scan page. You'll always be up-to-date

For Linux Users
download the file from the above link.

Once Untarred

Go to the directory where its untarred

and give the below command to start BottomFeeder.

[root@sriram linux_blog]#./bottomFeeder &


What is RSS?
RSS, sometimes known as Really Simple Syndication, is a popular means of sharing content (such as news headlines) without requiring readers to constantly visit a Web site to see what's new. RSS feeds contain headlines and hyperlinks to longer articles or Web pages.

How can I receive RSS feeds?
Desktop software applications known as news readers or aggregators can collect, update and display RSS feeds from a wide variety of sources. A number of news readers are available for you to download, many at no cost. Other versions are Web and browser-based. News readers vary slightly in how they look and act, so you may find yourself testing several before settling on one. Google lists a number of news aggregators, none of which are associated with, that you can download and test in this List of News Aggregators.

For more Information

There is tutorial.html page Inside the Tutorial directory once untarred which has got good explanation of everything.