Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Collaborative Groupware Tutos ...

Tutos - The Ultimate Team Organization Software

Tutos is a tool to manage the organizational needs of small groups, teams, departments ...

It provides some web-based features like :


Address Management for people, companies and department.

Bug Tracking System - (State - open/close, Class - Light/Heavy/Dangeous, Description, Assigned To etc ...)

Product / Project repository

Mailboxes (Imap/Pop)

Timetracking on projects, installations and bugs


Watchlist. Stay informed on changes on projects/bugs etc via email.

Support for teams that are distributed over different timezones.

Color themes / layout ( I like blue with new_layout)

Here's my explanation on how I configured.

I used the following Service to configure Tutos :

Apache - ( Apache-AdvancedExtranetServer/2.0.47 )

Mysql - ( Ver 4.0.15)

PHP - (Ver 4.3.3 )

Step 1

I downloaded tutos from the link


Step 2

Copy it to your DocumentRoot - mine was /var/www/html

I untarred it there and it created a directory tutos

Now I have /var/www/html/tutos

Step 3

I did not apply any patches ... but if you are concerned about patches

check http://sourceforge.net/patch/?group_id=8047

Step 4

Make a copy of config_default.pinc to config.php under /var/www/html/tutos/php.

and make all your changes in your personal config.php file.

Step 5

You will need a database and a DB User.

#mysql -uroot -p (enter)

Give the password

Create a database tutos

mysql>create database tutos;

Grant all access rights on the recently created tutos database to a database-user named 'tutos' with password 'password'

For this

mysql>grant all on tutos.* to tutos@your.webserver.com identified by "password";


Step 6

Reload the new access rights to all databases with the command 'mysqladmin reload'.

Now adjust the config.cfg file in the php subdirectory.

# Database definitions
# you can define multiple database which are distinguished
# by there index [0] and [1] and so on.
# In most cases you only need ONE database definition
# On oracle dbname is your instance/tnsname, dbhost is not used
# (it will be resolved by tnsnames)
$tutos[dbname][0] = "tutos";
# The host and port where your apache server will find the database
$tutos[dbhost][0] = "localhost";
# Port where the DB is listening
# Postgres : 5432
# MySQL : 3306
$tutos[dbport][0] = 3306;
# The Database user who runs TUTOS
$tutos[dbuser][0] = "tutos";
# The DB Users password
$tutos[dbpasswd][0] = "password";
# Database prefix to add before all table names

$tutos[dbprefix][0] = "_tutos";
# dbhome is needed for oracle only !!
#$tutos[dbhome][0] = "/opt/oracle/";
# Type of the database
# 1 = Postgres
# 2 = MySQL
# 3 = Oracle
# 4 = Postgres 7.1
# 5 = MS SQL (beta)
# 7 = Interbase
# 8 = Oracle OCI connection
$tutos[dbtype][0] = 2;
$tutos[dbalias][0] = "MySQL database";
# Should TUTOS encrypt passwords with crypt (see db.pinc)
# 1 = yes (default)
# 0 = no
$tutos[cryptpw][0] = 1;
# The path where tutos stores files
# Please create the directory so that the apache user
# can access it and is allowed to make subdirectories
# Relative paths start at [tutoshome]/

$tutos[repository][0] = "repository";

# This is the url that TUTOS will put into generated links in mails etc.
# The URL should point to the top of the installed system like
# http://www.your.org/tutos
$tutos[baseurl][0] = "http://localhost/tutos";

Please make sure you have made a directory repository under /var/www/html/tutos

I have made only the above changes but you can make hell lot of changes to cupplement your need like ldap, smtp etc ...

Step 7 :

Now you need to edit


I have pasted my file below

# make tutos an aliased Directory
Alias /tutos "/var/www/html/tutos"

# Remove next line when already defined in httpd.conf
# .pinc files must be interpreted by PHP to void password stealing !
AddType application/x-httpd-php .pinc
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
DirectoryIndex index.html
Options MultiViews FollowSymLinks +Includes
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
# localhost
# virtual network 192.168
# Allow from 192.168
Allow from all


Now under httpd.conf mine was /etc/httpd/conf/httpd2.conf

Step 8

I added a line

Include /var/www/html/tutos/apache.conf

and Restart Apache.

Step 9

Give proper permissions to /var/www/html/tutos

Step 10

Run http://localhost/tutos/php/admin/scheme.php

Follow the steps by doing Next,

It will create a Login

User - superuser
Password - tutos

Login at http://localhost/tutos/php/mytutos.php with the above username and password

After the Setup is done completely

Remove scheme.php and update.php under /var/www/html/php/admin