Monday, December 26, 2005

Build your own Internal Knowledge Base

Imagine you have different sections of people working for you who must have volumes of information, best practices field notes with them. These can be shared among office colleagues among different sections of people all with security.

Lets explore Knowledge Tree Document Management System

KT is written in PHP and made available under the GNU General Public License. Development on KT is ongoing. The latest version 2.02 (dated April 12, 2005) is available on SourceForge at

Getting Started with KT

KT is an impressive repository system which provides web-based browsing/publishing, a version control system, subscription-based change notification, auto-archiving, document-level discussion forums, full-text search of common file formats and metadata, and internationalization of front-end web interface.

What’s more impressive is its authentication integration with such LDAP servers as OpenLDAP, Sun ONE Directory Server, and the ubiquitous Active Directory. KT also provides access control via group, role or business unit rules, as well as audit trails for change control auditing.

Requirements for KT

Apache 1.3 or greater
PHP 4.3 or greater
MySQL 4.0 or greater with INNODB support.

It is highly recommended that you install SSL capabilities into Apache. The sample installation was running Linux kernel 2.4.20-8, Apache 1.3.28, PHP 4.3.4, Mod_SSL 2.8.15-1.3.28 supported by OpenSSL 0.9.7e, and MySQL 4.0.14-standard.

Installing and Configuring KT

Step 1

Download knowledgeTree-3.0b3.tgz from ---

Step 2

Unzip in your document root mine was /var/www/html/

I created a directory kb in my DocRoot /var/www/html/kb

Unzip and it will give a directory knowledgeTree.

now do,

#cd knowledgeTree
# mv * .. /

This move all required files to /var/www/html/kb

The idea is to have http://localhost/kb rather knowledgeTree.

Step 3

Create a database dms

mysqladmin create dms -uroot -p

Input the password this will create a database name dms

Step 4

Populate database

- Create and populate the tables:
#cd /var/www/html/kb
# mysql -p dms <>
# mysql -p dms <>

- Create the database users
$ mysql -p dms < style="font-weight: bold;">Check the post-installation checklist:

Go to your knowledgeTree installation is at http://localhost/kb, go to:


And click on "Post-installation checkup".

This allows you to check that your KnowledgeTree configuration is set up correctly. You can run this at any time after configuration to check that things are still set up correctly.

* Login:

- default user is "admin" with password "admin"


Please read the INSTALL.txt located in docs folder as they may have different instructions for different version.

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions list on the KnowledgeTree Wiki

Ask on the KnowledgeTree forums on


Refer to docs/UPGRADE.txt

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