Monday, January 16, 2006

Step 8 - Configure Nagios on remote hosts - Windows

There are two ways of doing this :

1) nrpe_nt is a windows version of the nrpe (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) daemon for unix-like operation systems. It provides methods to execute Nagios service checks on a windows host and report the results back to your Nagios host.

2) Installing NSClient

To monitor win2k/nt machines you need to install the NSClient addon from .

1) Follow the below steps to install NSClient on win2k/nt machines.

i. copy pNSClient.exe in any directory on the machine you want to
monitor. ie. (c:\nsclient).
ii. Open a dos prompt in the installation directory
iii. Run the following command : >pNSClient /install
iv. Start the service 'Netsaint NT Agent' in the services applet
of the control panel.

2) ftp/sftp the check_nt file from LinuxBin directory to the nagios
server's plugin directory i,e /usr/local/nagios/libexec in this case.

You can also set a password to NSclient , so that the nagios server can
authenticte first before running a check. Configurig this is suggestable 'cos
no one else can run a check on our server except our nagios server.

To configure this you need to add a registry key and reboot the server. Follow
the below process.

i) Edit the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NSClient\Parms\password key
and set the password as its value.

ii) Reboot the server.


Nagios Web Interface,Frontend or GUI Tools

Nagios PHP

Nagios PHP is an alternative PHP Web interface for Nagios, written using SMARTY as its template engine.

Downloads and Documentation


NaWui stands for Nagios Administration Web User Interface.It is a Web frontend written in PHP to manage Nagios configurations and Database records. Database connectivity is supported using plugins, which simplifies the way records are stored.

Downloads and Documentation


NagMIN is a enterprise class Network Monitoring System, Powered by Nagios, WebMIN, RRDtool, Nmap, Fping, Net::SNMP, Syslog-NG and other open source software providing web-based administration, and enhanced web portal to help you manage your network.

Downloads and Documentation


Nagat, or Nagios Administration Tool, is a webbased solution written in PHP for configuring Nagios, a host and service monitor.

Downloads and Documentation

Nagios Web Config

A PHP/MySQL based front-end for Nagios 2.x setup. Complete with the ability to add/remove hosts, hostgroups, contacts, contactgroups, services, timeperiods and commands

Downloads and Documentation


PHP & mySQL based tool to creat config Files for Nagios. No further need to create config files by hand, just use this Web Front End.

Downloads and Documentation


NagiosQL is a web based administration tool for Nagios 2.x. It helps you to easily build a complex configuration with all options, manage and use them. NagiosQL is based on a webserver with PHP, MySQL and file access to the Nagios configuration files.

Downloads and Documentation


A PHP/MySQL web front-end for Nagios 2.x setup. With the ability to add/remove/edit the config items. The web front-end for NAGIOS has the ability to test the config. We want to build a simple possibility to find and show all the features in NAGIOS.

Downloads and Documentation


Gng (Gnome Nagios Gui) can display host, parent link, icon, hostgroup map, user map, rectangle, line and text info.

Downloads and Documentation

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