Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Using NIS commands

NIS+ provides a full set of commands for administering a namespace.

nisaddcred Creates credentials for NIS+ principals and stores
them in the cred table.

nisaddent Adds information from /etc files or NIS maps into
NIS+ tables.

niscat Displays the contents of NIS+ tables.

nischgrp Changes the group owner of an NIS+ object.

nischmod Changes an object's access rights.

nischown Changes the owner of an NIS+ object.

nischttl Changes an NIS+ object's time-to-live value.

nisdefaults Lists an NIS+ object's default values: domain name,
group name, workstation name, NIS+ principal name,
access rights, directory search path, and time-to-live.

nisgrep Searches for entries in an NIS+ table.

nisgrpadm Creates or destroys an NIS+ group, or displays a list of its members.
Also adds members to a group, removes them, or tests them for
membership in the group.

nisinit Initializes an NIS+ client or server.

nisln Creates a symbolic link between two NIS+ objects.

nisls Lists the contents of an NIS+ directory.

nismatch Searches for entries in an NIS+ table.

nismkdir Creates an NIS+ directory and specifies its master and replica servers.

nismkuser Creates an NIS+ user.

nisrm Removes NIS+ objects (except directories) from the namespace.
nisrmdir Removes NIS+ directories and replicas from the namespace.
nisrmuser Removes an NIS+ user.
nissetup Creates org_dir and groups_dir directories and
a complete set of (unpopulated) NIS+ tables for an NIS+ domain.
nisshowcache Lists the contents of the NIS+ shared cache maintained by
the NIS+ cache manager.
nistbladm Creates or deletes NIS+ tables, and adds, modifies or deletes
entries in an NIS+ table.
nisupdkeys Updates the public keys stored in an NIS+ object.
passwd Changes password information stored in the NIS+ passwd table.

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